BIO Bamboo diapers, hearts

  • 10.24€

  • With Tax: 12.39€

Printed bamboo high quality processing diapers T-tomi are made from bamboo material dual-layer technology cavernous weaving. Thanks to this process are bamboo diapers much more absorbent, softer and smoother than conventional cotton diapers. Bamboo T-tomi diapers are for their special properties suitable for babies already.

  • bamboo diapers from double layered material
  • material viscose (bamboo) - 70% viscose (bamboo) + 30% cotton (BIO quality)
  • large size 70 x 70 cm
  • high quality workmanship - all based edge and sewn
  • pack contains 3 pieces
  • package contains 2 printed diapers and one white diaper
  • high absorbency and softness of the material
  • diapers are non-allergenic and anti-bacterial
  • material after washing gaining volume

Towels meet the requirements of Regulation of Czech Ministry of Health No. 84 / 2001 Sb. on hygiene requirements for toys and products for children under 3 years.

Do not use fabric softener when washing, reduces the absorbency of the material.

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