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  • Brand: T-TOMI
  • Product Code: TT 3126
  • Product EAN: 8594166543126
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8.59€ incl. Tax: 10.39€

Na výrobky společnosti T&T Czech Brands s.r.o. je vydáno "prohlášení o shodě" v souladu s Vyhláškou 84/2001 o hygienických požadavcích na hračky a výrobky pro děti ve věku do tří let, v souladu se Zákonem o ochraně veřejného zdraví č. 258/2000, ve znění pozdějších předpisů.

Baby TETRA cloth towels T-tomi containing high percentage of pure cotton are produced classic technology weaving hollow braids in custody, which guarantees improved absorbency and softness of our cloth towels. Even in everyday use our towels still retain their shape thanks to the high quality of processing. Bath towels EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION are very thick, strong and gentle to delicate baby’s skin.

  • cloth towels T-tomi heavyweight cotton 180g/m2
  • high quality processing - 2 tightly woven + 2 sewn edges
  • 100% cotton
  • double-layer weaving
  • large size 100 x 90 cm
  • pack contains 2 pieces 
  • white towel can be sterilized by boiling at 90 °C
  • towels are antiallergic

Towels meet the requirements of Regulation of Czech Ministry of Health No. 84/2001 Sb. on hygiene requirements for toys and products for children under 3 years.