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Ortopedical abduction pants - snaps, hedgehogs (5-9kg)

  • Brand: T-TOMI
  • Product Code: TT 9593
  • Product EAN: 8594166549593
  • Availability: In Stock

19.12€ incl. Tax: 21.99€

Na výrobky společnosti T&T Czech Brands s.r.o. je vydáno "prohlášení o shodě" v souladu s Vyhláškou 84/2001 o hygienických požadavcích na hračky a výrobky pro děti ve věku do tří let, v souladu se Zákonem o ochraně veřejného zdraví č. 258/2000, ve znění pozdějších předpisů.

Abduction pants T-TOMI are specially invented for newborn and babies with recommended ortopedic wide wrapping. These pants with inside sewn layered diaper-material (corresponding quantity of 2 folded cotton diapers) keep babies‘ hips in correct position. Abduction pants can be used as effective preventive ortopedic aid for healthy development of hip joints.

These pants are not absorbent, baby can wear them with disposable diaper, preferably over 1st layer (jumpers, tights, overalls). Upper layer is made of pure cotton, modern designed. Fastening at front side with snaps. Abduction pants are of 2 sizes – for babies ca 3-6 kg and 5-9 kg. Abduction pants are breathable, comfortable for wearing and easy for use and maintenance.

Abduction pants T-TOMI:

  • material 100% cotton
  • filling layered diaper-material - corresponding quantity of 2 folded cotton diapers
  • fastening with snaps
  • 2 sizes
  • high-quality processing
  • modern design
  • made in Czech Republic

T-TOMI Products meet the requirements of Regulation of Czech Ministry of Health No. 84 / 2001 Sb. on hygiene requirements for toys and products for children under 3 years and also Oeko Tex Standard 100.