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Pant diaper AIO - Changing set snaps, feathers

  • Brand: T-TOMI
  • Product Code: TT 6479
  • Product EAN: 8594166546479
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Na výrobky společnosti T&T Czech Brands s.r.o. je vydáno "prohlášení o shodě" v souladu s Vyhláškou 84/2001 o hygienických požadavcích na hračky a výrobky pro děti ve věku do tří let, v souladu se Zákonem o ochraně veřejného zdraví č. 258/2000, ve znění pozdějších předpisů.

Pant diaper AIO – Changing set snaps

Pants diaper AIO T-TOMI in modern timeless design is intended for easiest changing babies from 3 to 15 kg. These diapers are suitable both for babies and for infants and thanks to simple system of snaps by which the desired size is easily adjusted. The inner side of the pant diaper is made of COOLMAX fabric nice to baby skin. Part of AIO diaper are 2 highly absorbent 3-layer bamboo inserts. 

Pant diaper AIO:

  • pocket one size AIO diaper
  • impermeable inner layer of PUL to prevent strikethrough
  • inner layer of COOLMAX
  • 2 rows of snaps for even better size adjustment
  • high-quality processing
  • modern design
  • eco-friendly way and repacking
  • economical way of repackaging - SAVE YOUR WALLET
  • the possibility of buying another microfiber or bamboo inserts 

Bamboo insert:

  • material 80% viscose (bamboo) + 20% cotton
  • size 12 x 30 cm
  • highly absorbent 3-layer insert
  • antiallergic a antibacterial
  • do not use fabric softener when washing, it reduces the absorbency of the material


Products T-TOMI meet the requirements of Regulation of Czech Ministry of Health No. 84 / 2001 Sb. on hygiene requirements for toys and products for children under 3 years.