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Returns policy

Complaints procedure

Liability for defective goods (a guarantee, a conflict with the contract)
The buyer is obliged before the first use to read the warranty conditions, including the Czech operating manual and then consistently manage this information, otherwise runs the risk that their improper use cause damage and will not be able to apply the resulting defect within its rights arising from liability for defects . The warranty period begins on the receipt of the sale.

If the buyers is not a consumer obliged to inspect the goods immediately upon receipt. If any damage is detected, the certified record of the damage and the seller is obliged to provide a reasonable discount on supply or deliver another perfect product. Later claims of mechanical damage to the product can no longer be recognized. The consumer would be in their own interest should also do the following steps help to avoid later problems arising from liability for damages incurred as a result of transportation (mechanical damage), which will in any claim based on the fact that unconditionally accepted the goods delivered. 


Seller is responsible to the buyer  that the subject receipt has no defects. In particular, the Seller confirms to the Buyer that at the time when the buyer takes over the goods,
a) a thing has quality which parties have agreed or that the buyer might expect a given nature of the goods and on the basis of advertising carried out by the buyer or the buyer's subcontractors

the thing fits the purpose which is used or which seller lists to be normally used

the subject corresponds the material and quality

The thing meets the requirements of legislation.

Defect is a deviation from the specified quality.

Conflict with the contract

If it proves to be defective within six months of receipt of goods, it is considered that the thing was already defective upon receipt, unless proven otherwise.

Liability for defective goods (guarantee conflict with the contract)

The buyer is entitled to exercise the right of defects that occur in consumer goods during the twenty-four months from the receipt.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (or its components) caused by usage. Shorter product life is therefore considered a fault and cannot even complain. Consumers cannot apply a defect which caused itself by improper use of the item.

If a thing defects and consumer applies it in time with the seller has the right to:

a) If the defect can be removed without undue delay

             = To free remedy

b) If you cannot remedy the defect or after removal or re-occurring thing has more defects

             = Require the supply of new things without defects, unless it is due to the disproportionate nature of the defect (functionality, aesthetics)

             = Delivery component of the thing, if the defect affects only a part of things

             = To withdraw from the contract and demand a refund

c) If you cannot remedy the defect or deliver a new thing

             = To withdraw from the contract and demand a refund

Unless the buyer does not apply from the contract or applies the right to deliver new things without defects, the replacement of its parts or repair things may request a reasonable discount. The buyer has the right for adequate discount even if the seller cannot deliver his new thing without defects, replace the part or thing to fix, and if the seller fails to remedy within a reasonable time, or that would rise substantial difficulties to consumer.

Complaint (the liability for defects)

Seller or the authorized officer shall decide the claim immediately, in complicated cases within three working days. This period shall not include adequate time for a product or service required for expert assessment of the defect. Claims, including the removal of defects must be settled without undue delay, within 30 days of the claim, unless the seller and the consumer agree a longer period. After this period, the consumer has the same rights as if it were a defect that cannot be removed.

Except where it is designated to perform repairs by another person, the seller is obliged to accept a claim in any premises in which it is possible taking into account the assortment of goods sold or services provided, and the registered office or place of business. The seller is obliged to give the consumer a written confirmation that the consumer has exercised the right contents of the complaint and what method of claim handling consumer requests; a further confirmation of the date and method of settling the claim, including confirmation of repair and its duration, or a written justification for rejecting the claim. This obligation also applies to other persons designated to perform repairs.

If any complaint, contact: